Flowbird Parking Gloucester

Gloucester Parking Kiosks Mobile App

Going Online with Flowbird Parking App on Friday, May 27

Visitors to Gloucester have the option to pay at any one of the 79 solar powered parking kiosks or on the Flowbird mobile app. The system is setup for Pay by Plate parking where parking enforcement is managed by the driver’s license plate number. All transactions made at the pay stations, and on the Flowbird app, are sent in real-time to the City’s enforcement system.

Gloucester has utilized Flowbird parking kiosks in off-street parking lots for almost 10 years. This new implementation expands the use of parking kiosks to on-street locations, replacing the City’s single space parking meters. Drivers now have the convenience of paying with their credit card at the kiosks, or on the Flowbird app, which is available for iPhone or Android or at www.flowbirdapp.com. The convenience of the Flowbird app helps drivers avoid citations by offering text notifications when time is about to expire and the app also provides time extension functionality.