Things to do on Cape Ann: The Get Outside Center in Gloucester

The Get Outside Center in Gloucester is where kids get to go on adventures in the wilds of sea and shore, woods and fields, ponds and streams, getting wet and muddy in the process. In July and August, the center has daily summer drop-in programs for kids of all ages, even teenagers. The staff doesn’t script everything, letting kids learn how to deal with what happens in nature when you’re out there.

The little ones, ages 4-7, will get to “experience the world through the eyes, ears, nose and paws of a different animal each morning,” in “Being Animals.” Older kids, 8-12, can learn about outdoor survival: how to build shelters, which wild plants are edible, and how to make tools and track animals. Preteens and teens get to go on “Travel Adventures,” planning day trips each morning to explore the wilds of Cape Ann: woodlands, beaches, marshes, lakes and streams. The center also has nature exhibits and books.

Get Outside Center, Gloucester

Photo Credit: Kestrel Educational Adventure

The Get Outside Center is located at 186 Main Street in Gloucester. 978-633-7100.

Written by Patricia Mandell