Lighthouses of Cape Ann

Ever wonder about the rich history of all of the beautiful lighthouses that line the coast of Cape Ann? Centuries later, lighthouses still remain a treasured maritime history icon. Mariners on Cape Ann to this day still view them as a symbol of safety and security during their ventures out to sea.

Annisquam Lighthouse(Photo Credit: Arlene Taliadoros)

Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse
With its white light flashing every 7.5 seconds the Annisquam Light was originally built in 1801 to mark the start of the Annsiquam River. Today the lighthouse is owned and maintained by the U.S Coast Guard, still adding to the rich maritime history of the area. Local Wingaersheek Beach provides some of the best views of Annisquam Light.

Straightsmouth Island Lighthouse
This quaint little lighthouse is located on Rockport Harbor right off of Bearskin Neck. It was built in 1896 with a flashing green light every 6 seconds. This lighthouse attracts variety of visitors as it owned by the Massachusetts Audubon Society and is now a bird and wild life sanctuary.

Thatcher Island Twin Lighthouses
The Twin Lights are not only two of the oldest lighthouses in the U.S, but also the only multiple lights left standing on the coast. The two lighthouses were constructed to have one North and one South so that sailors could easily fix their compass to point true North.

Eastern Point Lighthouse

(Photo Credit: Boston Drone Works)

Eastern Point Lighthouse
This beautiful light was built in 1890 with a white light flashing every 5 seconds. Eastern Point Light also has a lighthouse station attached to it which houses the U.S Coast Guard. Famous artist Winslow Homer also resided at the lighthouse for a year in 1880.

Ten Pound Island Lighthouse
Located right in Gloucester Harbor on Ten Pound Island, the lighthouse was originally built to help sailors navigate the harbor. Ten Pound Light is recognized as America’s first housing site for the Coast Guard. The light can be viewed from a variety of locations in Gloucester including Stage Fort Park, Stacey Boulevard, and Pavilion Beach.