Beaches of Cape Ann

The carefree hot summer days with warm sand, surf and endless ice cream may have come to an end but with the abundance of beautiful beaches on Cape Ann, the colder months are still great for a crisp beach walk or sightseeing. You may find a new hidden gem to keep coming back to all year!


Good Harbor: Rt. 127 A Thatcher Rd
One of the most popular beaches on Cape Ann for its spacious size, soft white sands, and view of the Atlantic, Good Harbor Beach is a great beach for anyone to enjoy!

Wingaersheek Beach: Rt. 133 to Concord Street Exit 13 to Atlantic Street
Nestled by the Ipswich bay and Annsiquam River, Wingaersheek Beach hosts spectacular views of Cape Ann. The beautiful large terrain of the beach makes for tide pools and large rocks that children and adults can all enjoy.

Cressy’s Beach and Half Moon Beach, Stage Fort Park: Western Ave (Rt. 127) to Hough Ave
What better way to spend a day than at both Stage Fort Park and the beach. Cressy Beach encompasses a spectacular view of Gloucester Harbor with its rocky coast. The park area by the beach has large grassy lawns that make for great picnics in the summer months. Half Moon Beach is a more quaint, quiet area with an abundance of shady spots. This is the perfect beach to view the harbor and park in a more secluded way.

Pavilion Beach: Western Ave, the end of Stacey Boulevard
Located central to downtown Gloucester and many famous historic landmarks, including The Man at the Wheel, Pavilion Beach is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a day of exploring everything Gloucester has to offer!

Niles Beach: Eastern Point Rd
One of the quieter, less crowded beaches in Gloucester, Niles Beach is a nice hidden gem. Although it is a resident only beach, if parking can be found elsewhere you can walk on. The beach boasts views of Gloucester Harbor and the Boston skyline in the distance.

Plum Cove: Rt. 127 near Lanesville
This quaint little beach located right on Ipswich Bay is ideal for children and families. Resident stickers are also required at this beach for parking.



Front Beach: Off of 127A take Main St. to Beach St. to downtown Rockport
Surrounded by an abundance of Inn’s and B&B’s Front Beach is in the perfect location. This is a great spot for swimming, especially during high tide as much of the beach is overtaken by water. Also in close proximity to downtown with tons of restaurants and shops!

Pebble Beach: Penzance Rd
This beach stays true to its name as it is covered in a variety of smooth pebbles and stones. Pebble Beach is the perfect place to search for seashells and view all of the sea birds that fly about. The Boston skyline can also be seen in the Southwest direction.

Cape Hedge Beach: South Street
Cape Hedge Beach is a very quiet beach with a long rocky shore. The beach sits about 2.5 miles from downtown Rockport.

Long Beach: Thatcher Rd to Rockport Rd- 127 A
Long Beach is the perfect quintessential New England beach with views of the Twin Lights on Thatcher Island. The beach is also surrounded by a variety of Inn’s, B&B’s and beautiful New England style homes.




Singing Beach: Beach Street, off Rt. 127
This beautiful spacious beach is one of the hidden gems of Cape Ann with its soft sand and deep blue waters. Although parking requires resident stickers most park at the train station and walk on ($5 walk on fee).